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Saugus, CA | Furnace and Heating Service and Installation

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Considering how long and cold those winter nights can get, it’s critical that your home furnace and heating system be operating at peak performance and efficiency at all times. The experts at Affordable Air and Heating have been installing, maintaining and repairing furnaces and heating systems in Saugus, CA for many years so they can handle any furnace or heater job.

Whether you’re looking for routine maintenance, in need of emergency furnace repairs or you’re interested in replacing your old heating system with a new more energy efficient model, Affordable Air and Heating is here to help. Our experts are trained to install and service all types, models and sizes of furnace and heating systems.

Affordable Air and Heating meets the heating needs of our diverse Saugus, CA customer base by offering a wide variety of furnace services. Whether you’re in need of a new home heating system or are looking for furnace maintenance and repair, our techs bring their expertise and years of experience to every job.

Saugus, CA - Heating and Furnace Installation

The technicians at Affordable Air and Heating have experience installing every type of heating unit, but they will assess each individual situation and make specific recommendations based on your budget and home comfort needs. Regardless of which furnace you decide to go with, you’ll notice the monthly energy savings compared to what you were paying while running your inefficient, old unit.

Saugus, CA - Furnace and Heating Maintenance

Routine heating system maintenance is often ignored by most people, particularly if they’re running a relatively new system. The average homeowner incorrectly assumes that there’s no need to spend money on a furnace that appears to be working fine. One could argue that it’s these properly functioning systems that will benefit the most from regular maintenance.

Among the more common reasons for preventative heater and furnace maintenance is that it can save you money over time because a properly maintained system operates more efficiently, which means it takes less energy to keep your home heated. The potential need for expensive emergency repairs is also diminished because a technician keeps every part of the heating system functioning properly so that a minor concern doesn’t turn in to a costly repair down the road.

Saugus, CA 95682 - Heating Repair

Affordable Air and Heating recommends that all of our Saugus, CA customers keep up with regular maintenance on their furnace and heater systems, but we always come prepared to handle any heating repair as well.

Sadly we always have heater repair needs at the worst possible times, because we don’t know there’s a problem until we go to turn our heating system on to escape the cold. With the furnace off, there’s no way of knowing there’s an issue. No one wants to be faced with a heating system issue, but when you do, you should consult an honest and knowledgeable heating technician who can identify the problem and possibly stop a minor issue from snowballing into a major one. In certain situations, an expensive furnace repair doesn’t always make sense, especially if there is the potential that problems will resurface. When faced with this situation, homeowners often find that it’s wiser to invest in a new, energy efficient home heating system.

Saugus, CA - Furnace Installation

Furnaces are the home heaters that most people are familiar with. Indeed, there are many good furnaces out there. Aside from the type of fuel they burn, the main difference between the various furnace models on the market has to do with how efficiently they translate fuel into heat.

For instance, a furnace with an 80% AFUE rating is probably more efficient than your older model, but it will wind up wasting much more fuel than one with an AFUE rating of 90% or higher. However, in some cases the furnace with the 80% rating is a better option because these models are generally cheaper to purchase and install. Depending on the climate where you live and how much you use your furnace, the added savings you would get from a 90+% AFUE furnace may or may not be worth the extra installation costs.

Saugus, CA 95682 - Heat Pump Installation

The other main option in terms of home heating systems that we offer at Affordable Air and Heating are generally integrated with an air conditioning system to create a year-round climate control system for your home. Heat pumps are an excellent option, particularly in climates that require the use of both air conditioning and Heat at different times of the year.

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Affordable Air & Heating offers a comprehensive assortment of services intended to keep your living environment comfortable all year round. Whatever your needs may be, we will attend to them as quickly,conveniently and as affordable as possible.

We provide same-day service, as well as free service calls with authorized repairs. All repairs are 100% guaranteed, so call today! We are your heating and air conditioning solution.

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