Affordable Air & Heating is participating in a utility rebate program to help our customers save big when upgrading their home comfort! This utility rebate program gives homeowners an instant $3,000 when they remove a gas furnace and install a qualifying energy-efficient heat pump unit in its place. If you’re already considering replacing your old furnace, this opportunity could be a big money saver for you long term! This is perfect for homeowners who want to be a little more green with their energy use, or save money on heating costs.

If your gas furnace is showing signs of weak performance or suspicious activity it could mean you need repairs, or it may be time for a fresh start. If your home has an older gas furnace that doesn’t heat your home very well or is getting up there in age, this is the perfect time to consider a heat pump. Not only can you improve your comfort, you can lower your monthly energy costs! This rebate program is available to our customers through state utility companies.

What is the TECH Initiative?

Here’s a little more about the TECH Initiative. TECH Clean California is a $120 million initiative with the goal to be completely carbon neutral by 2045. To accomplish this, the market will be driven to low-emissions space and water heating technologies for households across California. It’s good to note that 40% of the program benefits will be targeted towards low-income households and neighborhoods. This initiative is a part of the California Senate Bill 1477. It is funded by California gas corporation ratepayers by the jurisdiction of the California Public Utilities Commission.
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A qualifying heat pump will allow homeowners to enjoy a $3,000 dollar savings through the TECH Initiative. This savings amount is an incredible help to families and singles that otherwise would not be able to afford a replacement for their broken furnace. It’s also simply great savings for something that you’ll enjoy all year long!

What Makes a Heat Pump Ideal in California?

What is the difference between a heat pump and a furnace? Most homes are equipped with a traditional central forced-air furnace. A furnace produces heat by burning oil or natural gas and then spreading the warmth throughout the home using ductwork. Additionally, traditional furnaces can be powered by electricity. On the other hand, a heat pump doesn’t generate heat from a fuel source. Heat pumps use electricity and refrigerant to move heat from outdoors to indoors. Heat pumps perform the same duty as a furnace does, but they can also operate in reverse to cool your home as well!
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Let’s talk about efficiency. Older furnaces can be inefficient with the way they source their power and produce heat. Newer systems, like a heat pump, are 98% more efficient than a standard furnace. Because heat pumps use electricity with heat, they use only one unit of electricity per three units of heat energy. However, in the peak of winter, it gets harder for a heat pump to work at perfect efficiency. Not ideal for below freezing temperatures. However, in California, the winter’s never reach below freezing temperatures, making a heat pump a reliable and efficient source of both heating and cooling.

By utilizing less energy to produce heat, a heat pump can actually save you money on your heating bill. The more energy efficient your heating system is (in other words, the less power it takes to heat up your home), the less you’ll have to pay per month and overtime. Older model furnaces take a lot of power to produce warmth which is why they’re so notorious for emptying your wallet each month. Between the two heat systems, the clear winner is the heat pump.

Why consider having a heat pump installed?

  • Save money long-term
  • Operates as both a heater and air conditioner
  • More energy efficient than traditional furnaces
  • Quiet operation

Want to Learn More?

Not only can you be more eco-friendly with your choice to take this rebate opportunity, but you can get $3,000 back by having a new heat pump installed by our company. If you’re already considering getting your old furnace replaced due to problems or weak performance, then this is a great time to move forward. With our rebate offer on a new heat pump installation, you’ll be saving money long term, getting a better home comfort experience, and will use less energy than you would with a traditional furnace.

Why choose us? We’re dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, and have been since 1996. We’re family-owned and operated, and have been a local favorite for years. We’re detail oriented and are committed to the heating and air conditioning jobs we take on. We promise not only personalized comfort, but a greener and more eco-friendly solution for all our customers.

To learn more about having your gas furnace replaced with a brand new heat pump through the rebate program, call Affordable Air & Heating today!

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